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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Your Team Have A Standard Hourly Rate?

As a full-service creative agency we understand that every project and every client's situation is unique. While we do have rough prcing for the purposes of quoting/estimates, we like to gather as much information as we can about the project(s) prior to sending over pricing. This allows us to factor in every element of the project(s) to esnure we are giving the most acurrate quote possiblle and alleviate any invoice surprises.

Does Elevate Creative Handle Social Media Management?

We like to think of ourselves as a content-focused creative agency. While we have knowledge and insight into various social media platfroms and publishing tools, we do not offer this as a paid service at this time. With that being said we are more than happy to make recommendations and provide guidance into which platfroms we think would be best for your brand.

Does Elevate Creative Handle SEO?

Our team does not handle SEO. Our focus is soley on creating original content and generating leads, awareness, etc. through visual and digital content. With that being said we have worked closely with SEO firms and are more than happy to make a recommendation.

Can Elevate Creative Build Our Website?

Yes! Our talented creative network features experienced web-designers.

How Much Does A 60-Second Video Cost?

It depends. There are two big drivers when it comes to video production prices: shoot duration (how long we will be capturing and how many people we need on set) and complexity of the edit (VO, effects, animations, etc.). The final duration of the video is less of a driver than the work it will actually take to bring your idea to life.

How Much Would It Cost To Make Our Brand A Custom Logo?

Much like all of our services, prices are completely custom. The time, energy, and effort in creating the staple of your brand can vary. This in addition to thinking of the applications and variations of the logo also play a role in pricing.

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