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Our Expansive Creative Network

Our journey started over seven years ago along the way we've had the opportunity to partner with and collaborate with some really awesome people. Today we have a creative network of over 25 talented creators. Our creative network is composed of extremely talented creative specialists and professionals who allow us to execute a wide range of video production projects in a multitude of industries.

Josh Emerick

Head of Production/DP

Andrew Lawson


Ross Theisen

Director/Art Director

Brad Rea


Brandon Streeter


Amber Thompson

Animation Specialist

Jenna Van Kley


Patricia Huffman

Animation Specialist/Editor

Trevor O'Neal

Lighting Specialist

Katie Pastrick


Praj Sharma

Production Assistant

Cameron Hanson


Ethan Nix


Luis Bazan


Jessica Rohr

3D Modeling/Rendering

Carly St. Myers

3D Modeling/Rendering

Megan Barrett

3D Modeling/Rendering

Our Creative Founders & Partners.

Elevate Creative was founded in 2015 with the mission to help brands bridge the gap between intent and content. By taking both a strategic and creative approach to digital content creation, Elevate Creative is able to provide brands with innovative and effective video content solutions.

Creative Director/Founder

Mitch  Hoover

With a deep understanding of the industry,
Mitch oversees all aspects of the creative process and combines his passion for creativity with strategic thinking to bring client visions to life.

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Executive Producer/Partner

Armand Fontes

Focusing on effective communication, project management, and client satisfaction, Armand builds strong relationships that lead to long-term partnerships.

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VP of Sales/Co-Founder

Jeff Porter

Bringing both a technical understanding of the production process and industry insight, Jeff takes a consultative approach to new business.  

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between intent and content for brands and creatives alike.

Our Creative Network by the Numbers


Creatives in our network


Creative Specialities


# of different states our creatives call home.

In Partnership with OhioHD

We are proud to partner with the largest production studio and gear rental house in central Ohio. Our goal is to help the brands we work with unlock their full creative potential, giving them access to the latest in state-of-the-art video and camera equipment.

Meet The Brands We Represent

Since 2015, we have helped a multitude of brands in virtually every industry imaginable bring their visions to life. The brands we work with push the boundaries of creativity and challenge us to think outside the box. As a result, we have developed both the knowledge and technical understanding to execute innovative digital content solutions.

Brands we represent by the Numbers


Total Brands Worked with in 2022


National or Global Brands


Regional and Local Brands

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