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What is "Fractional Marketing", and is it Right for Your Brand?

What is Fractional Marketing?

Fractional marketing can be described as outsourcing parts of your marketing while keeping in-house marketing team members doing what they do best. You may know that you don't have the internal expertise, skill set, or time to manage some aspects of your marketing efforts. At the same time, you also know that a part-time marketing or freelancer hiring is much harder to fill, especially for any kind of creative or director position, many of whom and the best of whom are already employed with full-time work.

Fractional marketing allows you to supplement your marketing department or fill roles. You pay only for the time and services rendered, which is a fraction of the cost. It also gives you more flexibility in determining how much to commit to the role.

How Do I Know if Fractional Marketing is Right for My Organization?

While there are several factors to consider when deciding if fractional marketing is right for your team, we've boiled it down to three key decision points:

  1. Your Marketing Needs Are Not Full-Time

  2. Whether you lack the amount of work or the budget, there are many reasons that companies simply do not need full-time marketing staff. Startups and small businesses routinely find themselves in this position. Often, they are fighting against large players in the market with entire marketing departments that make decisions.

  3. Your Marketing Materials Are Created By Different Departments

  4. Your business is continuously putting content in front of prospects and customers from your sales team to your customer service. You want the message and branding to be cohesive, regardless of its origin. Your marketing strategy should touch on all aspects of your business.

  5. If your sales team is creating their own PowerPoints or flyers that list features/benefits, you risk diluting your message and your brand. Prospective customers are savvy. They can tell which companies take pride in consistent, professional content.

  6. You Have a Specific Marketing Project

  7. You could have very specific short-term needs for additional marketing staff. You could be replacing someone who is on a leave of absence. Or maybe you plan to hire a full-time marketing person but need someone to fill in while you find the right talent.

  8. You could also have a project with a specific start and end date. Even if you have existing marketing staff, you don't want to over-burden them. As-needed fractional marketing can give your project the attention that it needs.

The Results

In short, fractional marketing optimizes both your marketing department and the organization's overall efficiency. From a cost-savings standpoint, you are able to reduce the number of FTEs and only pay for services rendered.

At Elevate Creative we provide small to medium-sized businesses with fractional creative resources to help them execute both their content and marketing goals. Hiring an in-house creative team can be upwards of $150,000 a year (videographer + designer + photographer + creative director) and piecing together a freelance team can become complex when you don't have an in-depth understanding of the entire creative process. Not to mention the organization and administrative work it takes to execute content-related projects. Our goal is to simplify this process for your marketing department, giving you back time, saving you money, and elevating your creative.

To learn more about our process and pricing visit: www.elevatecreative.io/pricing

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