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Less Than 5 People in Your Marketing Department? Here’s How to Get the Most Out of It.

Updated: May 19

Introduction: What the Numbers Say

A 2017 study by IDM showed that companies with 500 or fewer employees, on average, have a marketing department headcount of anywhere between 3 and 11 people. Unlike larger organizations with 20+ employees in their marketing department, marketing professionals working at smaller organizations are oftentimes forced to “generalize” their roles and wear multiple hats. While there are some inherently good traits that come from this generalized team structure, there are also without question some glaringly obvious inefficiencies to this approach. Perhaps the most obvious is the lack of commercial-grade marketing content for organizations that need such assets to share their message.

The fact of the matter is that larger organizations have the resources (aka budget) to be able to afford in-house creative teams that are comprised of designers, videographers, photographers, etc. whose sole focus is on producing content. For smaller marketing teams outsourcing your creative is a great way to increase efficiency while also producing results in your marketing efforts. This article provides an in-depth look at the problems smaller organizations face, possible solutions, and the results of outsourcing your companies content production.

The Problem: Smaller Marketing Teams Are at a Disadvantage

Every year organizations across multiple industries put together a comprehensive marketing plan that includes ad spend, generating high-value/quality leads, recruitment, etc. Once these initiatives are identified the question oftentimes becomes, "How do we go about spreading the word?” More times than not the obvious answer to this question is “Content.” Content in all forms, blog posts, graphics, presentations, videos, forms, etc.

While the answer to the above question may seem obvious, the execution is not so much. Larger organizations have the luxury of staffing a few specialists such as designers, videographers, photographers, etc. to deliver on all of their content needs. Smaller organizations, on the other hand, are left to scramble, having professionals in their marketing department, whose primary skill set does not include content creation, develop and produce assets that are expected to deliver on their marketing initiatives.

The Solution: Outsourcing Your Content Production

Smaller marketing teams are left with only 3 options when it comes to content creation:

  1. Continue to produce the content internally

  2. Hire specialist(s)

  3. Outsource your creative to an agency

The problem with option 1 is that it limits your already stretched marketing team’s bandwidth. This ultimately compromises your team’s ability to take on new projects that will inevitably arise throughout the year.

The problem with option 2 is that it can become extremely expensive. Hiring an internal specialist to the team will more than likely result in a minimum investment of $50,000/yr (salary.com). Additionally, well-executed creative/content projects oftentimes require multiple specialists working in conjunction so that $50,000 investment can quickly increase by 2-3x.

Outsourcing your content production provides relief to both of the above option’s problems. On one end you receive access to a network of creatives whose specialties feature an assortment of creative services. On the other hand, you only pay for the projects you need help with. This pay-as-you-go approach oftentimes allows you to save tens of thousands of dollars on an annual basis. Not to mention freeing up your marketing team’s precious time to focus on other projects and initiatives that support your organization’s growth.

The Results: Less Stress. More Content. Better Results.

Outsourcing your content production to an agency provides a multitude of benefits. It allows you to produce high-value/quality content that separates you from your competition, while also staying within your budget. It allows the members of your marketing team to double down on their strengths such as messaging, strategy, analytics, etc., and continue to accomplish your organization’s goals.

Once you find an agency that works well with your team, the possibilities are endless. The collaborative environment allows for ideas to flow and uncovers new opportunities to help grow your brand.

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